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              Introduction to People's Daily Online

              ()    14:15, July 06, 2018

              People's Daily Online, founded on January 1, 1997, is a large-scale information exchange platform with news at its core, constructed by China’s largest newspaper - People’s Daily. It is also a public media and culture company with People's Daily at the center of its interest control. On April 27, 2012, People's Daily Online went public on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming China's first news website listed on the A-share market.

              People's Daily Online is one of the largest comprehensive internet media sources in the world. Besides the Chinese version, it also circulates versions in seven ethnic minority languages, as well as in nine foreign languages, including English, Russian, French, Spanish and Arabic among others.

              As the flagship media channel of People's Daily in terms of media convergence, People's Daily Online has given full play to its political value, capital value, platform value, brand value and communication value in its 20 years of development. It has built an all-media matrix, creating a website for PC users (people.cn) and a website for mobile users (m.people.cn). It operates a number of social media accounts and apps, reaching 258 million readers per day across 210 countries and regions around the world.

              People's Daily Online is 12-time winner of the China News Prize, with its credibility, influence and comprehensive disseminating power topping the list of China's news websites for a long time.

              China's leaders attach great importance to the development of People's Daily Online. On February 19, 2016, President Xi Jinping visited People’s Daily. In a studio of People’s Daily Online, he had a video chat with villagers living in Chixi Village, Ningde City, Fujian Province. He also took a group photo with staff members of People's Daily Online.

              People's Daily Online is committed to becoming a website with the best content. It has formed an all-media news coverage model which is prompt, credible and in-depth, combining news covering, online commentary, online interview, community interaction, live broadcast and mobile news release.

              People's Daily Online actively expands diversified businesses, with a focus on internationalization, capital management, big data application and industrialization. Its core business covers media, information services, big data and investment. It has a number of subsidiaries including Peopleyun.cn, Huanqiu.com, Haiwainet.cn, Jintai Venture Capital, People's Health, People's Technology, People's Sports and People's Video.

              People's Daily Online has established 31 branches in Chinese mainland. It has also set up 11 subsidiary companies or representative offices in such cities as Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Seoul, London, Moscow, Johannesburg and Sydney.

              People's Daily Online operates multi-language accounts on overseas social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, VK and Line. The number of people following social media accounts operated by People's Daily Online has exceeded 50 million. Of them, the Facebook account of People's Daily has over 44.4 million followers, ranking first among global printed media social accounts in terms of follower number, active users and engagement; its Twitter account also has over 4.8 million followers.

              People's Daily Online engages in extensive cooperation with foreign media, and has established partnership with over 80 overseas media organizations. Their cooperation ranges from content exchange, cooperation in database, joint construction of channels and sections, to co-production and dissemination of TV programs. Its overseas subsidiary companies organize economic, technological and cultural activities to enable communication and cooperation between China and foreign countries.

              The credibility and power come from the people.

              (Updated in July, 2018) 

              (For the latest China news, Please follow People's Daily on Twitter and Facebook)
              (Web editor: Liang Jun, Bianji)

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